Hot on the tracks of prohibition, the C.C. Club originally opened as the C.C. Tap.

Building its tradition on live rock & roll and three-two brews, the C.C quickly became

the best-known beer joint in the five-state area including the Dakotas, Iowa and

Wisconsin in no time flat. Sharing its regulars with the record store across the

street, Oar Folkjokeopus, the C.C. Tap eventually became the C.C. Club, and

its neighborhood tradition continued to grow through the 1970s and 80s. Legends,

locals and regulars, out-of-towners, sports fans, the lacy and leather-clad; our

heritage is hatched from the memories of those who have come here to commiserate

and celebrate, meet up with friends and neighborhood folks, mix with strangers

and play hits on our world-famous jukebox. Looking for a place to meet? Meet

me at the C.C.! Bring your quarters and watch out, Here Comes a Regular!